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Mantera is a full-service advertising agency located in Bakersfield, CA.

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Together, we can make amazing things happen.

Call us today at (661) 201-8790

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Our Expertise

We believe the best ideas are created when strategy, creative, digital and media work together as one.


It’s about taking who you are, your brand, your voice and making it come alive. Mantera’s passion for creativity drives all that we do and keeps our clients ahead of their competitors in Bakersfield.

Our ‘out of the box’ thinking allows for new innovative ways to get messages across to the right audience. We create new avenues and use original methods to get us there.

User Experience

We believe great experiences are the core of every marketing campaign and environment. Great user experiences require a balance of design, usability instincts and a keen sense for what’s functionally feasible. Mantera delivers user experiences that are rich and sophisticated, yet fluid and constructive. We employ simple design practices to make sure that your site is both visually compelling and easy-to-use.


Mantera will find the most innovative way to deliver your message to your target audiences in the Bakersfield area. Whether it’s online, social media, print, or broadcast, we fuse the message with the moment, to achieve the most desired result.

We have a deep understanding of consumer behavior, both in the real world and online. We know what motivates them to listen, engage and buy.


In this digitally driven world, your company should sit at the heart of every search engine and social platform in Bakersfield. No matter what sector a business resides, the ability to maintain an online presence 24-hours a day is now an essential requirement.

Whether you need a website or to promote your brand online, we have the creative intelligence and technological expertise to help you thrive online in Bakersfield.


Mantera explores audience insight and behavior in Bakersfield to define a brand strategy. This guides what we do, the path we take and provides a strong foundation for all of our work.

We ask questions. We observe. Analyze. We do what it takes to find the insights grounded in human truth and develop our strategy from there, so wherever we take the work, you know you’re on the right path.

Data & Analytics

Mantera Advertising in Bakersfield aims to get the results we set out to achieve. We’ll always talk you through the results, making sure your budget is well spent and your marketing activity is effectively supporting the growth of your business.

Observing the entire scope of your marketing spend enables you to make wiser decisions about where budgets are best spent for successful and flourishing long-term growth.