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Bakersfield’s premier specialty store, The Bra Shoppe, provides individualized care for womens’ foundation needs. The Bra Shoppe professionals are here to help women of all ages with their foundation needs, starting with a young lady's first development, to her formal and special occasions, wedding, maternity, nursing, active life, senior and/or special needs.

A better experience for a distinctive speciality store.

The Bra Shoppe is a personalized store with only two locations in the United States. With a reputation for customer service and professionalism, Mantera created an appealing site, featuring unique pages for each line of foundation wear; plus, services offered like alterations and working with individuals with special needs, such as cancer patients in need of a prosthesis. Mantera’s attention to detail showcased both their expertise and dedication to their individual clients, providing a one-of-a-kind sophisticated site.

In addition, every website needs integrated publicity, and the easiest way to do this is through Google AdWords. This new method uses keywords bringing the right people to view your site! Mantera hand picks key points throughout your website making it easier for your page to be noticed on the largest search engine in the United States.